Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I try not to always use my blog as a place to vent, or gripe, but today I feel the need. My new job is great with the exception of one small item. We recently rearranged our cubes. Mine stayed the same - I do have a window and it used to be relatively quiet. I can even see a lake, well, if you look past parking lot and cars, but anyway.

There used to be 5 of us who sat in our area. Last month, they have moved another group of about 8 folks who are the most talkative employees in our company and all they do is run their mouths. All day. Non-stop. And they typically aren't talking about work, or making work related calls, they're just talking to one another about whatever. Let's see, today it was about local painters and their pricing (has nothing to do with any of our jobs), a recent wedding, lunch, pottery, stationery, and a few work related items that typically just come out sounding like they needed to place the blame on someone.

It's not that I'm immediately involved in all of these conversations and I'm time starved, but actually I feel like I can no longer concentrate with all of the t-a-l-k-i-n-g! Does anyone have any solutions, like using a fan to block out noise, or staying plugged into iTunes with headphones? Or yelling "shut the f**k up" at some point in the afternoon!?


Buford Betty said...

I'd definitely go for the headphones if you're able to work along with music. My husband has this same problem at work! Except his chatty Cathy's are stupid boys playing pranks on each other.

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Ugh. I have this same problem. I've been known to ask people (nicely, when I can) to quiet down, especially when I'm on the phone. Have you thought about those Bose noise-cancelling headphones? They're kind of pricey, but would probably be well worth it.

Suz said...

My office is very similar - everyone chats all day long and about everyone's personal business, I don't share much of my 'out of work life' with them and they get all bent out of shape, forget about when I ask them to quiet down b/c you know, I'm actually doing some work.

Kimba Rimba said...

I work with a lady who on her 40th bday was given a boyfriend from her hunsband. No joke, totally open about it they're all fine with it. But I hear these stories about how the three of them would hang out and she'd sleep over at her bf's house, on and on, it was very very strange! And how much better he is than her husband.

How I long to hear about what someone made for dinner the night before!

Hopefully the iTunes work!

Kerry said...

I need complete quiet to work or something to distract me from outsdie noise. Can you wear your ipod at work? ear plus?