Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's a toilet on my porch...

dear Liza, dear Liza. There's a toilet on my porch*, dear liza, a toilet! Ack! Last night, I came home to Hubby and friend, B, working like fiends in our bathroom. They had to patch a bad spot in the floor, before the flooring guys come tomorrow to do the installation.

* And just so everyone knows, it is on the side porch, not on the front or in viewing pleasure of our neighbors. And, even though Hubby made a snide comment about me being from Tennessee and that I should be used to that type of thing, please let the record state that I did not grow up in an area of Tennessee that had toilets on porches. And, by the end of day tomorrow, we should have new flooring and the new vanities installed. Whoo-hoo!

** Toilet update. As of yesterday, all toilets were repositioned back to their appropriate spaces. New flooring and one bathroom vanity are complete.


lisagh said...

I dated a guy a long time ago and the dude had a claw foot tub in his living room!

MC said...

You should use it as a planter. What's sad is, I have actually seen this in south GA.