Friday, July 27, 2007

On my mind...

A few things on my mind lately...

For the dog lovers out there, check out Bark Magazine. I picked it up the other day & it's really great. Not a cheesy pet fancy kind of magazine, but a real-life one, packed with both enlightening and humorous articles.

Today was our last day of Boot Camp. We endured a grueling 45 minutes of running at a local high school track, backwards running, lunges (front & back), a sprint suicide drill, running stairs, hopping on stairs, bear crawls on stairs and lunges on stairs. Whew. I am happy to report that I won the "most improved push ups" award, achieving a +19 increase from our 1st class. Go, me!

I'm thinking of a new do... For the past few years, after growing out a pixie haircut, I have worn an all one length bob, varying in length between chin to below shoulders. I'm really thinking of doing the inverted bob, ala Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, last year's Nicole Richie.. not quite as short as theirs, but the angled look, shorter in the back. Anyone out there with a similar do & their experience?

Between work for Hubby and myself, working on the house, volunteer activities and a visit from my parents, we may not get a vacation in this summer. So, that may be my new goal - fitting in a mini vacation at some point before September, when I don't think I will see Hubby due to a new product launch.

Our computer is now home & up and running. Hallelujah! Even though I'm happy, I think part of my secretly wanted to take advantage of NC's tax free holiday and purchase something new.

I think I really want a pair of Stephen Bonanno's sandals. I have read about them over & over, played around with color combos on the website, and still can't make up my mind. Any recommendations to color, style, etc?

Oh, and how can Michael Vick plead not guilty? Argh. Hopefully, justice will be served at his court date in November.


Farrell & Lauren said...

i recently got my first pair of bonanno's -- platinum with white stiching -- and have been thoroughly enjoying them!

Anonymous said...

I have grown my hair out from the inverted bob...I enjoy having long hair, but truely miss having that hair cut.
I also just got my first pair of bonanno's and love them! I got platinum with gold.
thanks for the magazine info, I have two boxers(one which a 4month old puppy) and a chihuahua and I am always on the look out for doggie stuff.

MC said...

Did you see Michael Vick's attorney on TV saying the charges were "unfounded"? He should be put under the jail.

Buford Betty said...

I'm new to your blog and look forward to coming back! I'm a HUGE dog lover. And Michael Vick - ugh seriously. I'm in Atlanta so it's like all we hear about.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I have the inverted bob - Rihanna style - really short in the back and longer in the front/sides and I love it. Occasionally when it's really hot, I do miss being able to put it up in a pony tail, but it's a cut that looks cute with a headband. I wore my hair the same as you - a bob that varied between chin and shoulder-ish length.

I guess my take is that it's only hair and if I hate it, it grows.