Friday, June 15, 2007

What I've been doing this week...

1. Attending Boot Camp, and I missed today. I didn't sleep well last night & I'm leaving for the weekend a little later this morning, so I just called it a sleep in day. So, there. However, boot camp has involved running up a very steep hill, not only forwards, but backwards and side-to-side and a cycle-circuit class.
2. Getting ready to meet my very best of friends for a short, girl's weekend, later today.
3. Looking at another house that Hubby and I are both in love with, but is a tad, or $50k out of our loosely set price range. We've been approved for over the cost of the house, but just don't know if we want to go there.
4. Dreaming about being pregnant. Actually twice this week. (I'm not).
5. Receiving a nasty letter at work that had several inaccuracies about me, regarding an event that I held several weeks ago.
6. Writing my rebut against this letter and talking to my boss, who is totally on my side and thinks that this lady who wrote it is a big ol' crazy lady.
7. Finally sporting my new VV pink polo.
8. Watching Zoe jump into the air, do a 180 degree turn and land in my lap. Crazee-dog, but she's oh-so-cute.
9. Having my hair cut & realizing that it's a tad too short for my liking, but understanding that it will grow like a weed.
10. Receiving a letter from my mom that included a letter from me that I had written to her as a child. It wasn't dated, but I said: "Dear Mama, I'm locking myself in my room forever. Signed, (my initials). P.S. And I'll starve!" I have no idea what I was so mad about, but luckily, Mom didn't let me lock myself in my room.


Suz said...

Have a fun girls weekend!

wheresmymind said...

Man...what a killer way to wake up in the morning!