Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Labs R Us

Over the years, we have collected quite a few things "labby". Some cuter than others, but here are a few of my favorites.

My LL Bean "cottage dog" flip flops.
Southern Proper has a new line of Belle Bands, and are oh-so-cute with a black lab print. They also have a very cute lab, named appropriately, Beau.

We received this great Steven Huneck hand hooked rug for our wedding. The motto of "Love is give and take" is a perfect daily reminder.

Zeus and Zoe love their lab printed, and personalized bed from Orvis.
And of course, your car wouldn't be complete without a couple of these...


Suz said...

I have the Bean flops too - since I still live in a (relatively) small apartment and work super long hours no Lab yet but when I have a bit more time/space, I'll be all set!

Melissa said...

Cute stuff - love those headbands!