Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is someone trying to tell me something?

This morning, after a rather grueling Boot Camp, I was getting ready for work. I decided to wear my cute, seer sucker pants. I pulled them out of the closet to find that either the dry cleaner shrunk them or my ass has suddenly grown to the size of a state fair, award winning watermelon. After a brief meltdown and expletive-fest (sorry, Hubby), I found something else to wear and left for work.

I was going about my day when I decided to check my yahoo email account to find an email from Zafu in my inbox. Oooh, I love Zafu, so I opened it. Guess what it said? Susan, did you know that Zafu now carries PLUS size? What? Was this sent to me because of my measurements or did this go to everyone? Humph.

Then, for our office building, hosted a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream social. Free ice cream. Ben & Jerry's. How do you pass that up? I didn't think about my too-tight pants as I enjoyed my Chocolate Fudge brownie ice cream, with a little Berried Treasure sorbet on the side.

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