Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bridges and signs...

Hubby and I are going back this evening to look at a house we saw last week. We both loved it, actually to the point, that once I saw the kitchen, I said "let's make an offer". It truly has everything we need - all brick, great neighborhood, 1 acre in the city (so rare), 4 bedrooms, so Hubby can have an office, a huge, renovated kitchen, hardwood floors, a great playroom that would be the perfect Man room for now, and perfect for kids later, a big fenced in yard for Zeus & Zoe, a 2 car garage (a rarity in this neighborhood). And for the clincher - it has a little stream in the front yard with a bridge. How cute is that?! Yes, I think mosquitoes could be bad, but whatever...It's cute, right? And, I think it has a laundry chute, which I also adore.

We both really love it and want it to work. It's a tad pricey - not totally out of our range, but more than we originally wanted to spend. But, on the plus side, we could literally move in and unpack and not have to really change anything or fix anything.

OK, and now for the weird thing that made us think, is this a sign? The family who lives there currently has 3 children and their names are all on the bedroom doors. Two of the names are ones that we have talked about as potential children's names and the 3rd name is that of one of Hubby's best friend. A sign??


suburban prep said...

when it is meant to be it is meant to be!!!

Libby said...

Absolutely a sign! The house sounds adorable, have you taken Zeus and Zoe to check it out? I've heard that animals are very good at getting the read on a place (meaning they're supposed to exhibit odd behavior if there's some sort of structural problem because they sense that sort of thing) I don't know if there's any truth to it, but it can't hurt to try it out, right?