Monday, May 28, 2007

Preppy Heaven

Yes, I made Hubby stop and my favorite store in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach - Redix. From the front, it looks pretty awful - signs about bait & 20% off beach chairs, the storefront is unassuming. But, inside, past all of the Wrightsville Beach chatzkies, you will enter Preppy Heaven. (insert madras wearing angels singing). From the get go, you will find Rainbow and Eliza B. flipflops, Leather Man belts and dog collars, Vineyard Vines everything, Lacoste polos galore, Cape Madras, Tommy Bahama and the list goes on and on. Zeus is the recipient of a new American Flag Leather Man collar and I came away with a pink VV polo shirt. I found cute VV belts, but not in my size. I'll have to get online later tonight!

The weekend was fun - lots of work on Saturday, but we made up for that the rest of the weekend by eating lots of good food & drink - J. Michael's cheese steak sandwiches, steamed peel n' eat shrimp, cold beers and G&T's!

It was a fun trip, but as always, good to be home.


amanda said...

I don't know about J. Michael's. Redix is always our favorite "to do" items of our trips to Wrightsville and Figure 8. I was just telling my fiance yesterday that I'm in dire need of a lunch on the deck at Bluewater. I'm so jealous of you...

Susan D said...

We acutally had lunch, on the deck at Bluewater on our way out of town. Sorry to rub it in! : )

J. Michael's is a hole in the wall, but they do have great steak & cheese sandwiches. Apparently, my husband enjoyed many of these while he was in college in Wm. I would vote to stick to Bluewater!!