Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barkin' & Baseball

Tonight, we attended "Bark in the Park", an event sponsored by our favorite hometown minor league team and Novartis Animal Health. Attendees can bring their dogs to enjoy a little baseball, all while supporting animal rescue & adoption. Zeus and Zoe had a great time and caught up with their doggie friends Gracie and Keegan, along with countless others who were available for wags and sniffs.
Keegan is the newest member to our circle of doggie friends, the newly adopted Golden Retriever pup of friends Danielle & John.

Zeus and Hubby enjoyed watching a little of the action.

A fun evening was had by all & for a great cause.


Meg said...

Keegan is too cute. Sounds like a fun outing...we love minor-league ball games!

Suz said...

very fun events - that puppy is just the cutest ever, seriously.

sisters with style said...

What a great idea! Just found your blog, and I enjoy it!

wheresmymind said...

Hangin' around with a cute puppy like that might actually get my wife to go to a baseball game!