Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Preppiness abounds in Charleston

It has been such a busy week - starting the new job and lots to do! I am really loving it, so I am even more assured that I made the right decision.

I wanted to post about the huge preppy party that we ran into on Saturday in Charleston. As many of you know, Charleston is oh so very preppy, pretty and fun.

So, while we were out downtown after the race, this huge group of JCrew wearing, Lilly toting, seersucker sportin' and Vineyard Vines tied people walked in. All with funny name tags and shot glasses around their neck! Sorority mixer we thought? Bachelor/bachelorette party? Nope. They were out en masse for the Carolina Cup and since they weren't able to go, they host an annual pub crawl and raise funds for the ASPCA, while wearing their Carolina Cup worthy gear, including a few fabulous hats.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera - our group had left it back at our beach house, so no cute pictures to show you. It was definitely fun to watch & of course, we had to all make friends and find out what they were all about. Not sure how much money was raised, but they seemed as if they were having an excellent time!

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