Monday, April 30, 2007

Can you say ouch?

We are back to the Carolinas after a whirlwind weekend in Nashville! The Country Music Half Marathon was great. A very well-run race and our weather turned out good, with the exception of being a tad warm. It was very cool on Friday and cloudy when we started that morning, but by 8am, it started warming up, just a little more than we runners would prefer.

I grew up nearby in Clarksville, TN, but I do not remember all of the hills in this area of Nashville! Definitely enough to keep you honest! The race route is great - you run by the beautiful campus of Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities and also through some historic downtown neighborhoods. Great southern hospitality with the residents offering orange slices or a spray from their garden hose.

I felt pretty good throughout the race - the last few miles were tough. I just couldn't seem to keep my toes and calves from tightening up. I'm sore today - steps are a bitch! I finished in 2:37, which ironically, was the winning time for the female MARATHON winner. That means I'm slow! Hubby finished in 2:17 - not his best time, so he's already said that we're going back next year so he can beat his time! He had been sick all week, so really wasn't feeling his best on race day, plus both of us feel like we had skipped one too many training runs to do our best. Alas, we finished so we're happy! My parents came up to watch us finish, so that was pretty great. It helped me to see my mom's sign to know that I could finish the last half mile!

That evening, we met up with some of my childhood friends for a fabulous dinner at The Palm. Great service and wonderful food. Splurged on my post race dinner of a tomato-mozzarella salad, oscar style filet mignon, creamed spinach, potatoes au gratin and a few bites of key lime pie for dessert. Not to mention my favorite pre dinner cocktail of a G&T and of course, a lovely glass of cab with dinner!

SBC Vandy - so sorry I didn't get in touch... it was crazy the week we left, so I have neglected my blogging and reading! Yes, Nashville was fabulous! Thanks for asking!

We finished out our weekend by visiting my family in my hometown - a quick trip, but so glad that we had the time to go. Now, trying to decide what's next!?! Any suggestions from fellow runners? Probably looking for another half marathon.


J said...

Congratulations on the race!

I've never run it, but I've heard the Disney half marathon is "easy" because there are no hills. I think it's in should look into it, as it's a good excuse to head to Florida in the middle of the winter!

RED said...

I've heard that the disney half is fun and easy also.
I'd love to run the Las Vegas half (it's at night, and it's an excuse to go to VEgas!)
I want to run the virginia beach rock-n-roll half, but it typically falls on labor day weekend, so that can't happen for me. Let us know what you choose!!

RED said...

oh, and GREAT JOB on the half this past weekend! those last 3 miles are the worst!!

Libby said...

Rock on, Susan, well done!!