Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well dressed pooches

I'm a little obsessed with Zeus & Zoe's collars. Zoe especially. Zeus typically sticks to the basic red. But for Zoe, this is a small collection of collars she has worn in the past and I can't seem to get rid of any of them, even when they don't fit her. God help me, when I have children!!
She had the red, multi colored with little bones. A patriotic collar from Old Navy, now faded from too many swims in the lake. The red & green with blinking lights that she wears at Christmas. The navy & green Eliza B. collar is so cute, but doesn't show up well on her. A pink and yellow gingham that we bought in Annapolis. She is currently sporting a pink & green argyle collar and I am on the search for her new summer collar.
I'm trying to narrow it down to the personalized ones from Four Preppy Paws
or Orvis and the make your own from Eliza B.

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MMM said...

Cute collars! I love collars, or I just got an email the other day about Can't wait to see what you pick.