Monday, March 12, 2007

Speaking of...

FOOD. I went by Subway at lunch & they now have apples and raisins as side items, in place of the chips or cookies. I opted for apples and they were good. I was trying to counteract the entire large bag of cheddar cheese quaker rice cakes that I have eaten since Friday. They only have 70 calories per serving, but it really defeats the purpose when you eat the whole damn bag. I just crumpled up the empty bag and placed it in my Subway bag, in hopes that no one will notice it in the trash.

I also made a yummy shrimp scampi with whole wheat linguine yesterday. It was one of Ina Garten's recipes and was a great meal to serve on a warm day. Hubby and I ran 6 miles, so we felt that we deserved a little pasta!


Nicholodeon said...

Just blogging through and I really enjoyed your posting on the two doggies. We have a mini Schnauzer, just 10 months old, and she must be 'part Chewish' because she surely does love to chew on things.

Can't get into the food thing, though, as I enjoy eating and never seem to gain weight. For which I am thankful.

Sarah said...

I had a McDonald's salad for lunch today- those are great. It's nice to see healthier options, isn't it?