Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My beloved Old Navy cotton, striped, capri pajama pants bit the dust last night. I was being silly (who me?) and picked up Zeus, pulling him onto my lap and heard rrrrrrrippp. These things are practically threadbare and the waist was already looking pretty shabby, but this hole is in a bit more personal place. I bought these years ago and they have worn into the perfect softness.

I heading Old Navy on my lunch hour to see if I can pick up a quick fix to replace this pair. I thought these looked pretty cute.

I really want to invest in uber-comfy read uber-expensive pajamas, but it's not in my budget at the moment. For when I do take the plunge, any favorites that are worth the money?

** Shopping Update** I found two wonderful new pairs of PJ pants at Old Navy. One is pale pink, blue, green, white, yellow striped and the other are pink & green plaid (yes, kind of obnoxious, but kind of cute). They both have comfy drawstring waists, which I love, plus are the soft, oxford cloth cotton kind. The ones pictured above must be online only or just not available at my lunchtime shopping Old Navy.


RED said...

For whatever reason, PJ pants from Old Navy are my hands-down favorite. Everytime I try to venture out and get a pricier pair I'm dissappointed, so I second your Old Navy purchases, comfy, light, cheap, perfect.

J said...

I agree with Red. In college my friends and I coined the term "naked pants" for our Old Navy PJ pants, our reasoning being that they are so comfy, you don't feel like you have any pants on at all! (Yes, we were slightly tipsy when this was thought up.)