Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lollipop Scrooge

I met two friends for lunch today and one of my Birthday treats included a large lollipop shaped cookie, complete with pink and green icing. As I was reading my cards, I noticed the feeling of being watched. A young little girl, complete with two ponytails, was totally eye-balling my cookie/lollipop and looked as if she were about to cry if I didn't hand it over.

I debated... do I

a) offer her a bite?
b) give her the cookie?
c) move the cookie out of her eyesight and hope that she'll stop looking and forget?

Of course I moved the cookie out of harms way. She had a grilled cheese in front of her & I didn't want to spoil her lunch!


Melissa said...

Too funny - I think you made the right call!

Jen said...

Right on. Hey, it was a special present for you. Enjoy it.

MMM said...

Funny! Hope you enjoyed your lollipop last night!