Monday, March 12, 2007

Chewy goodness

I decided that since part of my blog title is "Labradors" and since I live with two of these delightful dogs that I call my babies, that I would dedicate this week of blogging to my labbies.
Just to give an overview, my hubby and I have two black labs, Zeus and Zoe, who are almost 3 years old. They are litter mates with one male and one female. We bought them when we were dating under the condition that "this dating thing better be serious".

Let's discuss labs and chewing. We had heard all the horror stories - you'll come home to find your sofa destroyed, your favorite shoes in shreds,etc.

I would say the Top 3 worst things that our labs have chewed are...

1) The hot water heater nozzle. We arrived home one night to a small flood coming out of our laundry room that also contains our hot water heater. We found the nozzle to the hot water heater that they had managed to chew off. Why? Just tell me why plastic is so entertaining? I'm sure the flood of water was an added bonus.

2) The railings of our patio. We have wooden railings on our patio with excessive teeth-marks. You can tell how they were growing, by how high the teeth-marks were on the rail. They also love sticks... what is it with the wood?

3) They also chewed, ahem, killed a possum. Of course, they were proud of this feat and left the poor possum at our back door. They love to chase squirrels, but I don't think the squirrels will ever be slow enough to get caught, but I guess the possum was slow-moving.

I think age remedies some of this chewing habit and we keep them supplied with chew toys of all kinds, but we have still had a few issues, just as expected.

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Melissa said...

Suddenly I'm feeling the shoes my dog has chewed up aren't so bad after all!