Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

It was relatively quiet around Chez Labrador this weekend. Hubby and I had date night on Friday for sushi. Saturday was spent cleaning, errands and somehow getting sucked into a marathon of America's Next Top Model. Geez. We did successfully book our hotel room for the Country Music Half Marathon in April. I didn't realize how quickly rooms would fill, so we ended up paying more than we expected, but it's a super deluxe room located in the downtown area.

On a cleaning note, and of course with our abundance of dog hair, I will say that my favorite cleaning tool is the Dyson. We have the Animal and it is great.

Also, an update on Let's Dish . We tried one of the dinners and a dessert over the weekend and they were both great. We tried the citrus tilapia last night. It consists of filets of tiliapa, drizzled with olive oil & cayenne pepper. There are also slices of lemons & limes between the filets. Before baking, you sprinkle a few spicy almond slivers on top. It was easy and very good. We also tried the individual molten chocolate cakes. Ooey-gooey chocolate and cake. Need I say more?

We also started Week 4 of Boot Camp today. Today we focused on arms/back for our weights and then tons of running outside. Backward running, power skips, pop squats, jumping jacks and squat thrusts. Whew.


SBCVandy said...

When you come to Nashville for the half marathon, you will have to give me a shout. I definitely have some places to recommend you go to/avoid for dining.

Susan D said...

That would be great... I will definitely ask you for some recommendations! I grew up nearby, in Clarksville, but haven't been back for the nightlife since I was in college! Thanks!