Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I do love Valentine's Day, or actually what it represents. Do I think that there is a lot of unnecessary pressure put on every man and woman out there and a whole lot of bad gifts, candy and stuffed hearts that can be given as gifts without any thought? Sure.

So, Hubby and I were discussing V-Day this morning. We couldn't get reservations at any of our favorite restaurants, but it's not like we typically just don't go to those restaurants any other night of the week. So, we decided that we'll either order in or cook dinner at home, which I enjoy. Then, we have been going to a Bikram yoga class on Monday and Wednesday nights and the question was... should we go on Valentine's Day? I guess in theory, it sounds sort of sexy - heated room, sweaty bodies, flexible poses, but in reality, we are both sweating like pigs, red faced and tired. Not sure if it would be an appropriate prelude to a fun, "romantic" evening at home!

It's funny... the older I get and the longer I have been married, the acts of "love" come in so many different shapes. I saw one of these acts of love last night. I had settled into bed when I realized that I had forgotten to apply chap stick. Weird obsession, but it's just one of those things... like my nightly hand lotion ritual. Comfy and tired, I asked Hubby to get my chap stick for me, so I could stay happily nestled under the down comforter. He did this without complaint, then waited for me to apply so he could place back into my purse. Awww, ain't love grand?


Kimba said...

Now that is a good one, going to bed without my vaseline would make for the worse night sleep. Good for hubby!!!

Greens and Pinks said...

Hubby gets up after we're both nestled in bed to set the house alarm system, because we always forget before we climb in. Sounds crazy, but to me, that is love!