Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scooterville,here I come

This is Day 2 of Boot Camp and the soreness has definitely kicked in. Not to go into too much detail, but I just had to go to the restroom and I caught myself holding onto the bar as I sat down. I am thinking that I need one of those lifting chairs, like this so I can get up and down easier.

Today, we had a warm up with jumping jacks & stretching, three rounds of different weight stations - biceps, triceps, "skull crushers with a barbell", the "booza" ball, crunches, etc. Then we went outside to run that consisted of running backwards, sprints, pop squats, etc. Of course, this is in 30'ish degree weather - cold for this Southerner! I did feel better today - no lunch time nap necessary!

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RED said...

yikes! 30 IS cold though, esp for sprinting! Keep it up - you'll feel stronger soon!! I love hearing about your boot camp!