Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mid-decade crisis?

As I rapidly approach my next birthday that ends with a 4, I have been wondering, am I entering my Mid 30's or is it still considered early 30's? I know that 35 will mean Mid 30's, but does 36 automatically put you in the late 30's category?

I typically don't care about age - I've always seemed to do things later than my friends. First bra, Period, first boyfriend, extra year of college, marriage, etc. Not sure why this one is bugging me this year! I think it's like when you go to the Doctor and your chart has how many years and months old that you are ... it's not enough just to have the year. I'm also beginning to hear my "clock" start to tick and that is a little scary too.

But don't worry... I do love birthdays and will be celebrating "birthday week" as usual!


Jennifer said...

My sister - who was very concerned with age - always said that 31-33 were your early thirties, 34 - 36 were your middle thrities and 37 - 39 were you late thirties. Three years per group. Ever since she came up with that rule I always look at age in those terms. I turned 35 in Dec. and it was the first birthday I ever had "trouble" with.

Monogram Momma said...

That is very smart, Jennifer! I've got a birthday right around the corner as well.