Monday, February 19, 2007


Last week was a little crazed. Work really took over and I don't think I was finished in the office any night before 7pm. Then my evenings typically entailed working from home that evening as well. So, Friday night, we met up with friends at our old neighborhood haunt. Our beloved pub has been closed for several months, due to the owners not paying bills. Whoops. So, new ownership, new name, new appetizers, but somehow we all felt like we were "home". Hubby and I had dinner & a few beverages, but when the call for Irish Car Bombs was made, we made a quick exit stage left.

On Saturday, we attended a friend's wedding. It was a beautiful and sweet ceremony with many personal touches that made it so special. The bride and groom were announced & they did the processional. The groom escorted his new Mom-in-Law out and I found that to be such a nice gesture. After the parents and grandparents were out, the Bride and Groom came back and served as "ushers" for the guests. They both greeted their respective "side" as the guests left each aisle. It was very appreciated and a lot shorter than trying to do a receiving line.

The reception was a blast -great music, great food, fun favors. The band was big where they attended college and appealed to all ages with fun beach/shag music. Hubby and I took a few spins on the dance floor and really had a good time.


Preppy Wedding said...

Sounds like you had lots of FUN!

Kimberly said...

What a great touch!