Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Aren't these the cutest?

I am a kitchen gadget addict, so I always look at the many juicers, peelers, pans and assorted contraptions that I know I won't ever really use. But, at Williams Sonoma, I recently saw this set of pink baking goodies that I know I would use often! First, I love their silicone spatulas, they are wonderful for all sorts of recipes. And then to make them pink & personalized? Even better. I think I need a set or 2 to give and a set for me! I also love their pot holders - mine are literally falling apart from over use.I think these cute pink heart ones would make me even happier when I cook! (hint, hint, hubby!)


Jen said...

I love pink. I have the pink mixing bowls and the spatulas from WS. I want the pink kitchenaid mixer now. Maybe for Valentines Day?! I guess that isn't very romantic.

suburban prep said...

I was wandering in one of the local W-S stores the other day with hubby and I stated there were a number of things I liked in there.
I also happened to ooh and aah over a necklace we saw in a jewelry store window.