Friday, December 22, 2006

Wrap it up

My husband's family believes in buying for every single member of the family. There will be no only buying for kids, or drawing names. So, I have accepted this past time, because I know that I would lose this fight. We make a list on a legal pad about who wants what, then we divide and conquer.

I added new new items to his list to include monogrammed scarves and purses. Then, I was the designated wrapper. He boxed, I wrapped. At one point he asked if I had done this professionally. I actually had in college!

I believe in pretty bows and nice paper. Bows should follow the Martha guidelines and should be pretty and sheer, gift wrap should have neat corners and no sloppy tape.

We were both impressed with our handiwork when it was all over and hopefully so will the recipients. I doubt his young nephews will care, but still!


Lauren said...

these pic are so cute are they your labs??????? and what are there names so cute!!!!

Susan D said...

Thank you!! Their names are Zeus & Zoe. They are littermates and will be 3 in March!