Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas shopping

I love shopping post Christmas. Not only for the little deals and treats to save for next year, but to find the perfect matching pants for the argyle sweater I received. Hubby bought me this great argyle sweater (no longer listed online), but then today I found these. Perfect. Then to Ann Taylor for deals on cute slingbacks. A fun leopard pair, perfect for black pants and a brown faux crocodile for work.

Now, I'm not really into waking up at 4am to shop for the sales.. I leave that to my mom. She's the real pro. She knows what she wants and can work her way through half the city in an hour with goodies galore.

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Suburban prep said...

I love getting deals and finding the perfect thing while shopping but getting up at 4 am not me.
It sounds like you were able to find just what you wanted. Hubby gave me a gc to Nordy's and now I'll just have to find the perfect outfit.
Happy New Year.