Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas card drama

The Christmas cards are on their way, so now it's time to take the cute, we're newlyweds, here's our cute picture, picture!

I had asked my hubby if we could take our photo for the card this weekend. He agreed, even willingly and dressed nice on Sunday and even asked a friend to stop by and assist. So, our "photographer" Ben arrived and took some shots of us with the dogs. After I uploaded them, I realized that they weren't really that good - zombie eyes on the dogs from the flash, we were laughing too much, etc. So, I set up the camera and the timer and thought we might be able to get a better shot. By then, we were all a little tired - the dogs were running out of the picture, dog decided to roll on back, lick a paw, etc. Total disaster! I sent a few shots to Ritz last night to see if they will possibly look better once printed, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I think everyone will run and hide if I pull out the camera again tonight! I may post a few of our rejects later.

Hubby thinks we should just send a picture of ourselves with a note that says the dogs were out chasing squirrels. May not be a bad idea!

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