Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tired Puppies

After spending the weekend at their favorite getaway, Zeus and Zoe have been sleeping like champs. We board them at a great place with 3 acres of fenced land, a pond and all the tennis balls they can fetch. They've been pooped since I picked them up yesterday. Blowing Rock was great, as was our 1st Anniversary... had lots of fun surprises - beautiful flowers delivered to my office on Friday, chocolates from our favorite place http://chocolatefetish.com and a wine delivery from friends in the area. We even had an array of weather - from 70's and sunny to cold, snow flurries & 30's. It was nice to get away and relax. Oh, we also enjoyed bites of a surprisingly good one-year old wedding cake topper! It was red velvet, the same as one of our wedding cake layers and was actually yummy. Ahhh, wedded bliss. The first year was an adjustment for both of us - I guess that's what happens when two, independent 30 somethings get married & realize they have to share! We probably sound like pre-schoolers!

I do still get a chill when I think about our wedding day and walking into our church and finally seeing his face... the day was truly special for both of us and the details of the day were just as I had imagined. I can still feel the weight of the dress and the smell of my bouquet, not to mention a few nervous butterflies in my stomach!