Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anniversary gifts? Tick-tock

With our first year anniversary in just 11 days, I feel like I have some preparation to do. I actually just received one of our wedding gifts... our wedding was Nov. 2005, the gift was delivered in March, but went to my former residence. Luckily, nice landlord was holding my Lenox china dinner plate hostage for the past 6 months! I was just horrified in knowing that I hadn't written a thank you note!

With work taking over recently, our anniversary trip to the mountains has been put on hold. I know we have wedding cake to eat, photos to review, cards to re-read and we also have the "wedding wishes" that our guests wrote to us that have been in a little sealed envelope.

Now, I'm stuck on gifts.. paper is traditional and clocks are modern. Hubby does want this gadget that would fall under clocks, but it just doesn't seem very sentimental?

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Monogram Momma said...

My 8 yr wedding anniversary is Nov 14th so I'm in the same boat! Although I can work with clocks and paper, as this year my gfts are either Lace or copper. Yeah, I know. BAD. So no, the armband thingie isn't too sentimental, but sometimes it's about practical, and not sentinmental. If you really want to make it memorable, see if you can have the back engraved (as a joke, of course!)!